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Easy to use and quick to deploy - solve your contact centre challenges with our affordable AI solutions.

Better Decisions, Faster.


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The Experts

TMAC is full of insatiably passionate experts who are as tenacious as we are experienced. We’ve worked for blue chips and the FTSE 100, and along the way many of us have experienced first-hand the challenges that contact centres face. It’s thanks to our expert team that we are able to fully understand what matters to our clients, and offer the solutions to match. 

Driving Value

We believe there is something very wrong with the way AI is used in businesses - it’s too difficult to use and it’s too expensive. So instead of complaining, we decided to do something about it. At TMAC we provide the tools to drive the best customer experiences possible, and we work alongside your company to ensure you’re tracking the data that matters most to you.


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