Coach - People Analytics
Focus on people, not paperwork

Make every agent a star performer.

Introducing Coach, every employee's ticket to top-tier performance. 

Make great peformance easy 

Designed to be easy-to-use and easy-to-action, increase the efficiency of coaches and agents with automated machine learning nudges. 

Enable strategic coaching, not tactical coaching 

Improve speed to competency with personalised coaching plans created automatically by machine learning. 

Ensure consistency across the team, all the time, every time

Decrease variability with behaviourally designed nudges that help agents help themselves. 

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Targeted Outcome Driven Coaching

In today’s hyper competitive world, both business leaders and consumers agree that customer experience (CX) has become a leading differentiator for brands. Contact centre agents play a key role in delivering an effective CX strategy and yet most organisations are missing the massive opportunity to generate more value from their people.

TMAC blends data science with behavioural design to deliver the next best coaching action to each advisor and team in a system designed with the end user in mind.

Coach - People Analytics - Focus on people, not paperwork - Targeted Outcome Driven Coaching
Driving Adoption

"How do we get the most out of our people?"

One of the biggest challenges with any new solution is adoption. We use behavioural and human centred design techniques to ensure the system looks and functions in a way that makes people want to engage, and want to coach.

Coach - People Analytics - Focus on people, not paperwork - Driving Adoption
Aligned to Outcomes

We make sure that each coaching conversation takes you one step closer to your business goals by identifying the teams and individuals who can benefit from coaching the most. Every deployment is uniquely tailored to each client.

Coach - People Analytics - Focus on people, not paperwork - Aligned to Outcomes
Focused on Results

Traditional platforms focus on whether a coaching session took place. We focus on results, measuring who was coached, what on, and track their performance post coaching to ensure their performance has improved as a result.

Coach - People Analytics - Focus on people, not paperwork - Focused on Results

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