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Match the best customers
with right actions,
every time.

Say "Hello" to Playbook, the market's latest next best action platform with integrated behavioural design to ensure that you're consistently driving customer value. 

Do you know how much your customers are worth? 

Understand the lifetime value of each of your customers and how likely they are to buy primary and secondary products 

Wasting expensive contacts by speaking to the wrong people? 

Increase revenues by selling your products to people who will actually buy them. 

Be a budget hero and improve the customer experience 

Decrease costs by eliminating unnecessary spend in marketing budgets and cost to serve. 

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Optimise every customer interaction

How do you get the most value out of customer interaction? 

Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to create value, value for the customer and your bottom line. Every interaction also presents a risk: that wasted time, wasted effort or poor agent execution combine to create a reduced customer experience that doesn’t deliver results.

We use data-driven decisioning to ensure every customer is offered the right product, offer or service at the right time, to maximise value, and we use behavioural science to guide the agent through the conversation.

Customer Engagement - Next Best Action Solutions - Optimise every customer interaction
Making the complex simple

No code: reduce the need for specialist resources.

Traditional systems are code heavy, requiring specialist resources to get the the most from their platforms. Our admin panel has been designed with business users in mind, from the segmentation builder to the prioritisation rules - all enabled through a point and click, no code interface.

Customer Engagement - Next Best Action Solutions - Making the complex simple
Conversation designer

Playbook lets you focus on what's important.

Conversation design can be complex and when executed badly, creates a poor experience for both the agent and the customer. We’ve made the process simple through a drag and drop editor. We let you focus on the important stuff like the scripting and we handle the boring bits in the background.

Customer Engagement - Next Best Action Solutions - Conversation designer
Speed to value

The next best action for everyone, fast. 

Ensuring every customer and agent is offered the right product / offer at the right time to maximise value, and at the same time reduce the variance in your operation. Our goal is to accelerate your speed to value. We deploy fast – live in weeks not months and for 20% of the cost of our competitors.

Customer Engagement - Next Best Action Solutions - Speed to value

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