Speech Analytics

Turn every customer
conversation into
actionable insight.

An easy-to-understand speech and voice analytics platform.

Answer fundamental business questions with your real customer data: 

• Know what’s driving demand, and why​. 

• Improve compliance and reduce the risk of costly penalties.​ 

• The platform does the heavy lifting, so you don’t require teams of analysts​.

Speech and text analytics for everyone

Every interaction with a customer, every call, webchat, social post or survey is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how your customers are feeling, the things creating delight and the issues causing frustration.

Whilst post-call surveys offer a glimpse into a customer’s experience and dispositioning tools inform the reason for their contact, neither provide enough insight to truly transform the experience.

But with TMAC's affordable speech and text analytics, implemented fast, your business will do just that.

Fonetik - Speech Analytics - Speech and text analytics for everyone
Quick to deliver value

Historically speech deployments have been time consuming, labour intensive and needlessly expensive, with organisations seeing no value months into their speech program. Our goal is always to accelerate your speed to value. We deploy fast - live in 4 weeks and for ~20% of the cost of our competitors. 

Fonetik - Speech Analytics - Quick to deliver value
For everyone

Traditional speech tools are complex, designed by analysts for analysts, requiring a technical skillset to get the most from their platforms. Our platform puts the power into anyone’s hands through an intuitive point and click interface designed by behavioural designers with the complexity hidden in the background.

Fonetik - Speech Analytics - For everyone
Easily accessible

One of the biggest frustrations with technology platforms comes from the  restrictions companies place on you being able to access the underlying data. We believe that any data created from your customer conversations is yours and yours alone. We make it incredibly easy for you to access, and to export.

Fonetik - Speech Analytics - Easily accessible


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